Episode 16 – The Pitts Special

In this episode join Amir in his first flying experience in the Pitts Special S2A.

Watch as Joel performs an aerobatic sequence for Amir, from a wingover, hammerhead, Cuban eight, roll off the top through to the exhilarating tail slide and more. What’s more fun than falling backwards through the sky, right?

I hope you enjoy this episode highlighting one of Joel and Amir’s favourite aircraft, one Amir has seen flying around for years, and what attracted him to Aerobatic flight lessons at the very beginning.



Episode 15 – Roll Off The Top

In this episode watch as I move on to my next aerobatic manouevre, the Roll Off The Top.

The ‘Roll Off The Top’ is the first of 4 manouevres that make up the Advanced Aerobatics Course at Red Baron Flight Training in Sydney.

I hope you enjoy watching my first few attempts at the ‘Roll Off The Top’ as I progress through my aerobatic flight training and work towards flying the Red Baron Pitts Special.

Keep Looking To The Sky!




Episode 14 – A Day in the life of an Aerobatic Pilot

In this episode I introduce Infinite Aviators new co-host, Joel Haski.

Joel is owner and director of Red Baron Flight Training School in Sydney, Australia.

Tune in and listen to what Joel has to say about the benefits of aerobatics for pilots and the risks and rewards of being an aerobatic instructor, pilot and his aerial display work in conjunction with Red Bull Australia.

There’s also some great footage of Joel taking-off & landing his Extra 200 at Eastern Creek Raceway for the V8 Supercars pre-season testing.