Episode 19 – Flick Rolls

Watch as Joel shares some tips with Amir when it comes to performing the Aerobatic technique known as the Flick Roll.

While Amir learns his ‘new favourite’ manouver they run through some of the limitations of the aircraft that the pilot must be aware of before performing manouvers such as the Flick Roll.

Buckle in and enjoy the episode….



Episode 18 – Sydney Harbour Scenic (Hints & Tips)

In the first of our Hints & Tips episodes, Joel & Amir take you on a flight over the iconic and beautiful Sydney Harbour.

It all starts with a flight plan, as Joel explains, this is the most important part of a flight like the Harbour Scenic.

Navigating heavy air traffic and being in such close vicinity to the International Airport, there are many things to consider prior to taking off.

Sit back and enjoy our latest episode of Infinite Aviators… Hints & Tips for Sydney Harbour Scenic Flights.

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Episode 17 – The Half Cuban Eight

Join us for Infinite Aviators Episode 17, the Half Cuban Eight.

The Half Cuban Eight, is exactly that, half of an aerobatic maneuver call the Cuban Eight which is a vertical figure 8.

Watch as Amir has many attempts at the Half Cuban Eight.  While it may appear straightforward, Joel again explains the importance of hand-eye co-ordination when performing aerobatic maneuvers.

It’s very common that Where you look, you unconsciously head towards. From motor racing to aerobatic flying, this has been well documented.