Be Limitless

Soar high, over your limits

WARNING: this is not for the light hearted.

A one day experience that will truly exceed your expectations and leave you absolutely breathless!
Join Amir Zoghi, an international speaker, facilitator and coach on Human Potential as he shares a truly life transforming experience that will take you to the edge of your seat (quite literally), to breakthrough your own boundaries and fly high beyond your personal limitations!

You will learn how the masters of business, sports and artistic personalities transcend their limitations of their mind and body by finding their “Flow”, AKA, their “Zone”. Tap into a power that is commonly know as “Effortless Power” where personal boundaries are transcended effortlessly.

You will then experience a live aerobatic flight with an experienced aerobatic pilot to literally meet and transcend your own personal limitations. Experience the forces of positive G’s, the lightness of negative G’s and feeling your own boundless possibilities as you experience being Limitless!

The total investment for this very exclusive and one time experience is only $2200 and it includes:

1. An intimate “Be Limitless” workshop with Amir Zoghi, with lunch included.
2. Your personal one on one Aerobatic Flight experience with one of Red Baron‘s professional aerobatic pilots in either a Red Bull Extra 200 or a Pitts special.
3. And as a Bonus gift you will receive a complete edited video of your personal aerobatic flight experience.

Email us now  at register or to book your team for a group experience.

Life will seriously not be the same after the “Be Limitless” experience, so if you’re not wanting change or a life transforming experience, then this most certainly wouldn’t be for you.